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Bruker’s Mass Spectrometry Solutions include timsTOF, MRMS, rapifleX® MALDI-TOF/TOF, UHR-QTOF, Triple Quadrupole, HDX Solution, Toxtyper® and TargetScreener HR with software for imaging, metabolomics and pharmaceuticals

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Latest Protocols and Applications


Rapid and sensitive label-free proteome quantification on the timsTOF Pro 2

Shotgun proteomics capacity to deliver in-depth information on the identification, the relative amount, and the modification patterns of ever larger fraction of the proteins present in a sample has made it an essential approach in most biological research areas. The recent introduction of Parallel A... More


MALDI Guided SpatialOMx uncovers proteomic profiles in tumor subpopulations of breast cancer

The timsTOF fleX system bridges a current gap by providing MALDI Imaging and in-depth proteomics analysis in just one instrument. The instrument offers all benefits of a timsTOF Pro for timeefficient and sensitive proteomics, combined with a high-resolution MALDI source and stage. Using PASEF techno... More