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Short Communication: Coronavirus Disease 19 Among People Living with HIV in Western India: An Observational Cohort Study

  • Sanjay Pujari 1
  • Sunil Gaikwad 1
  • Abhishek Chitalikar 2
  • Digamber Dabhade 2
  • Kedar Joshi 2
  • Vivek Bele 2
  • 1 - Department of HIV Medicine and Infectious Diseases - Poona Hospital and Research Center - Pune India
  • 2 - Institute of Infectious Diseases - Pune India


A retrospective cohort study was conducted to assess clinical characteristics and outcomes of coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in western India. Out of 86 PLHIV with COVID-19 illness, 19.7% had severe/critical illness and 6 (6.9%) individuals died. Median (interquartile range) age was 51 (47–56) years and 77.6% were male. Eighty-five PLHIV were on antiretroviral treatment with 98% having a viral load <200 copies/mL. Hypertension (HTN) (38.3%) and diabetes mellitus (17.4%) were commonest comorbidities. Fifty-eight percent PLHIV were hospitalized while 6.9% individuals needed intensive care. Presence of medical comorbidity was significantly associated with severe/critical COVID-19, whereas HTN was significantly associated with mortality. Recovery from COVID-19 was documented in 93% PLHIV. In conclusion, PLHIV in western India have similar COVID-19 clinical outcomes as compared with those reported historically among general population. Presence of medical comorbidities rather than HIV-related disease characteristics is associated with severe COVID-19 illness.



JADHAV ADESH Jun 13, 2022

it is a very nice website to study others research

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