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Open Access
  • © Hirotaka Fujita
  • , et al.
  • 2022

Locus-Specific Genomic DNA Purification Using the CRISPR System: Methods and Applications

  • Hirotaka Fujita 1
  • Toshitsugu Fujita 1
  • Hodaka Fujii 1
  • 1 - Department of Biochemistry and Genome Biology - Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine - Aomori Japan


A multitude of molecular interactions with chromatin governs various chromosomal functions in cells. Insights into the molecular compositions at specific genomic regions are pivotal to deepen our understanding of regulatory mechanisms and the pathogenesis of disorders caused by the abnormal regulation of genes. The locus-specific purification of genomic DNA using the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) system enables the isolation of target genomic regions for identification of bound interacting molecules. This CRISPR-based DNA purification method has many applications. In this study, we present an overview of the CRISPR-based DNA purification methodologies as well as recent applications.



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