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Correlates of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Use Trajectories in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

  • Victoria A. Miller 1
  • Rui Xiao 1
  • Steven M. Willi 1
  • 1 - Department of Pediatrics - Perelman School of Medicine - University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Pennsylvania USA


The goal of this study was to characterize trajectories of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) use in youth 5–12 weeks after starting CGM and examine what factors differentiate between the trajectory groups. Parent–youth dyads completed assessments before starting CGM. Days of CGM use between weeks 5 and 12 were accessed through cloud-based data repository. Three patterns of use were observed among 96 youth (mean age 13.4 ± 2.75 years; 75% white): sustained high, declining, and sustained low. Youth in the sustained low and declining groups were more likely than those in the sustained high group to use a receiver (versus smart phone). There were no differences between the trajectory groups with respect to age, race, ethnicity, income, or insulin regimen. Future research should examine trajectory groups for a longer follow-up period and identify baseline factors that reliably predict which youth will have low or declining CGM use over time.



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