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Protocols and Applications


Benchling for Cell Therapy R&D

Cell therapies such as stem cells, CAR T cells, and TCR have been of significant interest in research over the past few decades. The FDA approval of CAR T therapies has led to renewed interest in the field. As companies rush to bring more novel cell therapies to the market, they face several R&D com... More


Benchling for Hybridoma Technology

Hybridoma technology is a well-established method for generating monoclonal antibodies (mAB), but various scientific and organizational challenges persist. Laborious and resource-intensive processes, low titers, and complex assays mean that scientists have to streamline every step, simplify handoffs... More


Benchling for Protein and Peptide Therapeutics R&D

Proteins and peptides make up a wide variety of therapeutic molecules ranging from enzymes to cytokines. These therapeutics have several biological functions and interact with various biological pathways. New classes of proteins and peptides continue to be of significant research interest, but there... More


Benchling for CRISPR Screening

CRISPR screening is a revolutionary methodology to identify genes of interest underlying a specific phenotype. CRISPR can be scaled up for screening applications because of the versatility of CRISPR/Cas9 in disrupting target DNA and the ease of gRNA/plasmid generation. However, large-scale use of th... More


Benchling for Industrial Biotech R&D

Industrial biotechnology is transforming traditional manufacturing technologies by providing more eco-friendly approaches like bioprocessing and biomanufacturing. However, there are several hurdles for industrial biotech companies seeking to develop next-gen strains, novel processes, and new applica... More