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Protocols and Applications


Antibody conjugation guide

Antibody conjugation, also known as antibody labeling, is the process of chemically linking an antibody to a specific tag. There are many common methods used to conjugate antibodies, although they can have complex protocols and usually require a certain level of skill and expertise. In this guide, w... More


Batch-to-batch consistency of premium grade bioactive proteins

​​​​This white paper demonstrates the batch-to-batch consistency of our premium grade bioactive proteins (growth factors and cytokines). Designed to meet the exacting demands of cell and gene therapy applications, our premium grade proteins are ideal for controlled cell culture. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​... More


Technical tips for ELISA and multiplex immunoassay development

Developing a high performance sandwich ELISA or multiplex immunoassay can be complicated, and high performance requires careful development and validation. To help, we have created this guide based on what we have learned during the development of over 500 matched antibody pairs, ELISA kits, and mul... More


Filter Capture, Extraction, and Sequencing of Coastal Metagenomes

In order to analyze the metagenomes of coastal microbial communities, we have standardized a protocol to collect, extract, and sequence near-shore microbiome samples. This procedure involves on-site filter capture of microbiomes from coastal water, DNA extraction via ceramic bead processing and sili... More


Benchling for RNA Therapeutics R&D

Because RNA therapeutics can target conditions that small molecules and proteins cannot address, researchers are now on the verge of treating previously “undruggable” diseases. From the approval of the first antisense oligonucleotide, aptamer, and siRNA, to the now famous launch of mRNA-based COVID-... More