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Protocols and Applications


Rapid and sensitive label-free proteome quantification on the timsTOF Pro 2

Shotgun proteomics capacity to deliver in-depth information on the identification, the relative amount, and the modification patterns of ever larger fraction of the proteins present in a sample has made it an essential approach in most biological research areas. The recent introduction of Parallel A... More


Protein Aggregate Identification with FMM: Rapidly Distinguish Protein from Non-Protein Particles in Biologic Formulations

Don’t rely on unreliable morphology characteristics or refractive index to determine if particles in your formulation are protein or non-protein. Aura systems are the only particle analyzer that combines fluorescence membrane microscopy (FMM) with backgrounded membrane image (BMI) to give you defini... More


Skin Freezing Technique for Living Cell Bank

Cell banks are especially important sources of studies for which living cells are needed, as well as a repository of genetic diversity in natural populations. We propose a simple protocol for field research that can maintain viable skin cells for in vitro replication and production of fibroblast lin... More


IsoCode Single-Cell Adaptive Immune: Human CAR-T Protocol Using AF647-Conjugated Antibodies to CD4 and CD8

Overview of ProtocolDay 1: Cryopreserved CAR-T cells are thawed and cultured overnight in the presence of IL-2. Cryopreserved target cell lines are thawed, cultured, and passaged several days prior to beginning the experiment.Day 2: Enrichment and Antigen-Stimulation of CD8 + and/or CD4 + CAR-T cell... More


CodePlex Secretome

This protocol outlines the standard method for thawing and loading samples onto the CodePlex chip. ... More