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Protocols and Applications


Elucidation of metabolic changes in HFD-ApoE–/– model by SP6 peptide: A flow injection analysis magnetic resonance mass spectrometry (FIA-MRMS) study

The employment of natural peptides in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is an attractive option to pharmacological therapy. In this study, a novel antihypertensive peptide from Spirulina Platensis (SP6) was employed to evaluate its potential anti-atherosclerotic effect in high fat diet ApoE–/... More


Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) discriminates yeast mutants through metabolomics

A eukaryote model of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was used to study the methylglyoxal pathway by Magnetic resonance mass spectrometry (MRMS). It was discovered that glutathione plays a major role in driving metabolomic differences between different strains. It is expected that metabolomics-based discrim... More


Proteomic Interrogation of Primary Insulin-secreting Pancreatic β-cells

In this work we leveraged the analytical performance of the timsTOF Pro to identify expression of low-level enzymes for the first time in primary insulinsecreting beta cells (β-cells). We found that these proteins are critical, functional components of key metabolic pathways which can support β-cell... More


Studying protein-drug complexes under native conditions in the low nM range using MRMS

Protein ligand complexes need to be preserved through the electrospray and detection process. This work describes high resolution native mass spectrometric measurements of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase II (Figure 1) and the non-covalent complex with the substrate acetazolamide (Figure 2) using a sci... More


Incorporating CCS values to enable 4-dimensional annotation of metabolic features

Reliable annotation of metabolites for LC-MS/MS based data requires the adept combination of many parameters such as retention time and accurate mass. To extend our parameter portfolio, we analyzed the high reproducible measured CCS values using trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) to provide ad... More