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Experts discuss tools and techniques in biotechnology.


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Single-Cell RNA Sequencing--Challenges and Solutions

Aug 15, 2022

Biological resolution at the level of individual cells is the only route to understanding biological organisms that are a heterogenous composite of different cell types. Single-cell technology is powering the next phase of basic research in biology, translational enquiries, and strategies for person... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Nanoparticles in Precision Medicine Diagnostics and Delivery

Aug 11, 2022

Particles in the size-range of one to 100 nanometres called nanoparticles exhibit significantly different physical and chemical properties owing to their large surface area to volume ratio. Nanoparticles are finding new applications in medicine. They can combine diagnosis and delivery into one devic... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Critical ALS Biomarkers of Neuroinflammation & Oxidative Stress

Jun 24, 2022

Biomarkers are essential tools for the development of therapeutics, clinical trial design and patient stratification. Biomarkers also help evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic intervention on disease progression or relapse. Yet, biomarker driven patient stratification, a hallmark in oncology trials,... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Patient-Derived Pancreatic Cancer Organoids Predict Response to Therapy

Jun 10, 2022

Pancreatic cancer accounts for three percent of all cancers in the United States and is responsible for seven percent of all cancer deaths. Miniature organoids cloned from pancreatic tumors in patients are being grown in laboratories to conduct assays that can predict the effectiveness of chemother... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: COVID-19 Immunodiagnostic Test Identifies Antibody Source

Jun 9, 2022

Need another COVID-19 booster?A new immunodiagnostic test called PictArray helps you decide. The test tells you exactly where your antibodies to the virus are coming from - whether your antibodies are from vaccines or SARS-CoV-2 infections, or both. The test detects SARS-CoV-2 antigens--both spike p... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Next Generation Techniques to Develop Genetic Medicines

Apr 12, 2022

The past decade has seen a shift in drug discovery to include targeting the root cause of genetic diseases: loss-of-function, gain-of-function, and change-of-function mutations in the genome. Although first generation genetic medicines like gene therapies heralded a new approach to treating previous... More


GEN Protocols Expert Exchanges: Tools and Techniques to Develop Therapies for Neurological Disorders

Mar 8, 2022

The human brain is an exquisitely complex organ, consisting of nearly one hundred billion neurons, an equivalent number of non-neuronal cells and trillions of synapses. Understanding the factors that play a role in the development of the structure and function of the brain is an essential step to de... More