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IsoCode Single-Cell Adaptive Immune: Human CAR-T Protocol Using AF647-Conjugated Antibodies to CD4 and CD8

Overview of ProtocolDay 1: Cryopreserved CAR-T cells are thawed and cultured overnight in the presence of IL-2. Cryopreserved target cell lines are thawed, cultured, and passaged several days prior to beginning the experiment.Day 2: Enrichment and Antigen-Stimulation of CD8 + and/or CD4 + CAR-T cell... More


CodePlex Secretome

This protocol outlines the standard method for thawing and loading samples onto the CodePlex chip. ... More


A Protocol for Qualifying DNA Variants Associated with Complex Diseases like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

A protocol for DNA variant qualification adds medical perspective to consensus grading based on impact of the DNA change on its encoded RNA/protein and its prevalence in normal people versus those with the implicated disease. This clinically familiar 1-4+ qualification can encourage physician accept... More

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