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GEN Protocols

Drug Discovery


Benchling for RNA Therapeutics R&D

Because RNA therapeutics can target conditions that small molecules and proteins cannot address, researchers are now on the verge of treating previously “undruggable” diseases. From the approval of the first antisense oligonucleotide, aptamer, and siRNA, to the now famous launch of mRNA-based COVID-... More


Benchling for Cell Therapy R&D

Cell therapies such as stem cells, CAR T cells, and TCR have been of significant interest in research over the past few decades. The FDA approval of CAR T therapies has led to renewed interest in the field. As companies rush to bring more novel cell therapies to the market, they face several R&D com... More


Benchling for Hybridoma Technology

Hybridoma technology is a well-established method for generating monoclonal antibodies (mAB), but various scientific and organizational challenges persist. Laborious and resource-intensive processes, low titers, and complex assays mean that scientists have to streamline every step, simplify handoffs... More


Benchling for Protein and Peptide Therapeutics R&D

Proteins and peptides make up a wide variety of therapeutic molecules ranging from enzymes to cytokines. These therapeutics have several biological functions and interact with various biological pathways. New classes of proteins and peptides continue to be of significant research interest, but there... More


CRISPRmod dCas9-VPR or dCas9- SALL1-SDS3 mRNA and synthetic guide RNA transfection protocol

The following is a protocol for transfecting CRISPRmod dCas9-VPR or dCas9-SALL1-SDS3 mRNA with synthetic guide RNA into cultured mammalian cells using DharmaFECT™ Duo transfection reagent (Cat #T-2010-xx). The protocol is written for transfection into 96-well tissue culture plates.... More