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Filter Capture, Extraction, and Sequencing of Coastal Metagenomes

In order to analyze the metagenomes of coastal microbial communities, we have standardized a protocol to collect, extract, and sequence near-shore microbiome samples. This procedure involves on-site filter capture of microbiomes from coastal water, DNA extraction via ceramic bead processing and sili... More


Radiolabelling Nucleic Acids with [γ-32P] ATP for Analytical Assays

Nucleic acids are readily modified with tags that enable detection, purification, or tracking their interactions with other molecules. One of the standard labels used to generate nucleic acid probes includes radioactive phosphates because they allow for sensitive and rapid detection. This protocol d... More


Streamlined High Throughput Drug Screening with PrimeSurface® White 384 well 3D plates

Using PrimeSurface® white plate, cancer spheroid cells can be formed and tested for drug screening using luminescence viability assay in the same well without the need for reagent transfer. This streamlined process shortens the experimental steps and time required in drug testing thus providing a ro... More


How to run cryopreservation protocols using a VIA Freeze™ system

The purpose of this protocol is to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and operate the Cytiva VIA Freeze™ Uno, VIA Freeze™ Duo, and VIA Freeze™ Quad units.This protocol applies to anyone performing a procedure with the VIA Freeze™ units. Once training on this document is c... More


Isolation of Mononuclear Cell Fractions Using Your Sepax™ System

The purpose of this protocol is to provide instructions on how to isolate mononuclear cell fractions of apheresis product, bone marrow, or umbilical cord blood using the Sepax™ system with initial volumes of 30 to 120 mL and selectable final volumes of 8-20 mL or 45 mL. This protocol applies to anyo... More

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